What does it mean for you, or your child, when hearing loss is detected?

What Does it Mean for You and Your Child When Hearing Loss is Present?

Many people have hearing loss and if you have not had to experience it before and are nervous, that is normal. There are many resources available for you and your family to help you make decisions about what is best for you and your child as your child develops and requires exposure to language.

Gallaudet is an esteemed university for the deaf and hard of hearing on the east coast of the United States. They have published information about cochlear implants and the scales of development for children, particularly when they have a hearing loss.

This document is for parents. The involvement of parents in the lives of their children is crucial for the successful education of a child with a cochlear implant. Access to language and facilitating an educational environment is imperative to the child’s ability to thrive.


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