Hearing and Hearing Loss

Hearing and Hearing Loss:

This video shows how sound is transmitted through the air, into the ear and how various parts of the ear help the sound go on to be processed in your brain.

The tonotopic organization of the cochlea, what part of the cochlea receives and processes what pitches.

This Video on the anatomy and physiology of the ear is accompanied by subtitles and gives a clear explanation of what happens inside and outside for our minds to understand sounds in our world.

How the organ of corti and the bony labyrinth works is an important part of understanding the inner workings of the ear. This video gives a great explanation of how sound is given to the brain.

This auditory neuropathy video that gives a person with normal hearing the experience of sound with an auditory processing disorder.

The National Institude on Deafness and other Communication Disorders explains what auditory neuropathy or Auditory Processing Disorders are and the current research backing it.

This video explains to people with normal hearing the severity of hearing loss. This video would be helpful for a family member of someone who is hard of hearing or has a hearing loss.


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