This website is a helpful resource for SLPs and educators when assessing a child’s communication abilities when they have a hearing loss or are deaf. It is a list of assessments that can be used to compare and contrast a child’s progress in therapy.

This is a document that will help SLPs, audiologists and educators find correct assessments and tools for clients who are adults or children with cochlear implants.

These websites are great tools for clients and clinicians to have people who have hearing aids fill out to understand how they use their hearing aids, when and what they use them for.

This is a guideline of what to expect when you or your child or spouse goes to an audiologist to have their hearing tested.

This document is called the Infant-Toddler Meaningful Auditory Integration Scale. It is a good resource for people administering Aural Rehab for infants and toddlers and it will be filled out by the parent and SLP/audiologist/educator.

This website has the LING-6 sounds and instructions. This resource is important for SLPs and Aural Rehabilitation therapists to assess, test and train clients with cochlear implants to understand the sounds they hear in everyday life. Because someone who is deaf will not otherwise have been exposed to sound, their brain will have to be taught to comprehend what it means when different sounds are presented. LING-6 can be used as an assessment and a teaching tool.

This is an example of Auditory Verbal Training, a tool that is also used for assessment of the client’s progress in communication.


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