Additional Resources

Additional Resources

This video shows different situations and parts of life that people in the hearing community do not think of when trying to communicate with or interact with people who are deaf.

The World of Deaf Culture Part 1

The World of Deaf Culture Part 2

The World of Deaf Culture Part 3

The World of Deaf Culture Part 4

Understanding oppression and misconceptions of deaf people throughout history and why people in the Deaf Community feel strongly about issues people in the hearing world may not think of.

Understanding Deaf culture is extremely important for anyone who has a child who is deaf or is interested in understanding the many decisions surrounding culture and experiences of being deaf, hard of hearing or otherwise hearing impaired and choosing whether to have a cochlear implant or not.

This paper introduces people to understanding the history and education of people who are deaf or hard of hearing.

This resource is extremely important for professionals and people trying to understand speech sounds and what they mean for the children and parents and people who have hearing loss or who are hard of hearing or deaf.

This talk is given by a man who is deaf and it explains deaf culture and his life experiences as a deaf person.

This is a great video for parents to understand what they can do to help their children with cochlear implants to understand language and develop as hearing children do.

Helen Beebe video: This video explains the history of exploring hearing aids and development of amplification devices and hearing aids.


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